Reserves and Resources

The Company intends to continue exploration activities in its contract areas in order to increase its proven and probable reserves. Exploration activities are scheduled to be conducted in TBH's northern Block B to obtain updated geological, hydrological and geotechnical data as it has yet to be fully evaluated for potential resources and reserves. The Company also intends to focus on proving up its previously identified resource base at SB to provide further certainty of supply and converting certain of its non-JORC resources into JORC compliant resources.

The table below summarizes, for each of the mines in MSJ's, SB's and TBH's contract areas, the measured, indicated, inferred and total JORC resources, and JORC reserves including potential non JORC tonnages for resources as of 31 December 2009.

Mining Concession  Estimated Total Reserves 
(in million tons)
Estimated Resources (in million tons) Potential non JORC Tonnages 
(in million tons)
Measured Indicated Infered Total
MSJ  95.3  271.1  61.2  7.0  339.4 5.8
SB  16.0  44.3  34.5  29.8  108.6  573.0
TBH  11.5  33.0  3.0  3.2  39.2  -
Total  112.8  348.5  98.7  40.0  487.2  578.8

Source: Marston Report and the Company