Overview of Subsidiaries

PT Mahakam Sumber Jaya ("MSJ")

MSJ was established in 1996 and started its coal mining operations in 2004. The mining operation is within an average distance of around 45 km from the location of coal processing facility. Barge loading in Separi can be accessed via a special hauling road managed by MSJ.
MSJ has received ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications for coal mining operations.

PT Santan Batubara (“SB”)

SBB was established in 1998 and conducts coal mining activities based on the 3rd generation of Coal Mining Concession Work Agreement (PKP2B) in the same year. Commercial mining operations were initially conducted in Separi mining site in the first quarter of 2009 and currently, the mining is conducted in Uskap block.

PT Karya Usaha Pertiwi (“KUP”)

KUP obtained its Mining Operation Permit (IUP) for Production Operation in September 2010. In January 2013, the Company acquired 50.50% ownership in KUP. KUP mining area is located adjacent to MSJ and SBB. KUP started its commercial coal mining activities in 2018.

PT Bumi Karunia Pertiwi ("BKP")

BKP was established in 2005 to conduct mining business activities. The Mining Business License (IUP) for Operation and Production was obtained in 2009 and Permit of the Use
of Forest Area was obtained in 2011. In 2018, the Company acquired BKP, therefore, currently, the Company is the majority shareholder of BKP.

PT Tambang Batubara Harum ("TBH")

TBH was established in 1997 and started its exploration activities in 1997. In August 2011, TBH obtained a Mining Operation Permit (IUP) for Production Operations. Until the end of 2020, TBH had not yet started its commercial coal mining activities.

PT Tanito Harum Nickel ("THN")

THN is one of the Subsidiaries, which was officially incorporated based on Deed No. 69 dated June 23, 2020 by Notary Angela Meilany Basiroen, SH, and engaged among others, in investment sector. In the future, THN will focus in the nickel mining and processing company in Indonesia.

PT Layar Lintas Jaya ("LLJ")

LLJ was incorporated in 2004 with a line of business in shipping. To achieve this goal, LLJ can conduct several business activities, such as offshore transportation, river and sea transportation between ports in Indonesia by using all types of ships, including tugs and barges.

Harum Energy Australia Ltd ("HEAL")

HEAL is a company established under the laws of the British Virgin Island on September 17, 2009. HEAL’s business activities are in the investment sector.

Harum Asia Capital Pte Ltd ("HA Capital")

HA Capital is a company established under the laws of the Republic of Singapore on June 25, 2020. HA Capital’s business activities are in the investment sector.

PT Lotus Coalindo Marine ("LCM")

LLJ invested shares in LCM. LCM is a company engaged in transportation and shipping sector.

PT Position ("POS")

POS obtained a Mining Business License (IUP) for Metal Mineral Production Operations for nickel commodities in 2017 with a mining area located in East Halmahera, North Maluku. In January 2021, THN, a Subsidiary of the Company, acquired 51.00% ownership in POS.

PT Infei Metal Industry ("IMI")

THN invested shares in IMI. IMI is a company engaged in the processing/refning of nickel (smelters).

Nickel Industries Limited

The Company invested shares in Nickel Industries Limited. Nickel Industries Limited is a company whose shares are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Nickel Industries Limited is engaged in nickel mining and processing.