Announcement of Schedule and Procedures Distribution of Interim Dividend for Financial Year 2022

Dec 05, 2022
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 PT Harum Energy Tbk. (the “Company”) hereby announces to the Company’s shareholders that, based on the Approval of the Company’s Board of Commissioners dated 2 December 2022 over the Company’s Board of Directors’ Resolutions dated 30 November 2022, that in consideration of the financial capability and performance of the Company until the end of third quarter of 2022, it has approved the Company’s proposal to distribute cash interim dividend for the financial year of 2022 (“Interim Dividend”) to the shareholders of the Company in the aggregate amount of Rp1,000,000,000,000,- (one trillion Rupiah).
The Interim Dividend will be distributed to the Company’s shareholders who are entitled to receive the Interim Dividend as recorded in the Company’s Register of Shareholders as at the Recording Date in the amount of Rp75.10,- (seventy five point one zero) per share (of the issued share of the Company after excluding the treasury shares held by the Company).
The schedule and procedure for the distribution of Interim Dividend shall be as follows:
  1. Schedule for Distribution of Interim Dividend

    Dividen Interim 2022

  2. Interim Dividend Payment Procedures 
    1. Interim Dividend will be distributed to the Company’s shareholders whose names are recorded in the Company’s Register of Shareholders as at the Recording Date on 15 December 2022 at 16.00 Western Indonesian Time and/or the Company’s shareholders in the Securities Sub Account at the Indonesia Central Securities Depository (“KSEI”) at the close of trading on 15 December 2022.
    2. For the Company's shareholders whose shares are placed in KSEI's collective custody, the payment of Interim Dividend will be made and distributed by KSEI on 3 January 2023 to the Customer Fund Account (CFA) at the Securities Company and/or Custodian Bank where the shareholders open its/his/her securities account. Whereas for the Company's shareholders whose shares are not included in KSEI's collective custody, the payment of Interim Dividend will be transferred to the account of the Company's shareholders.
    3. The Interim Dividend will be subject to tax in accordance with the applicable tax laws and regulations.
    4. Based on the applicable tax laws and regulations, Interim Dividend will be excluded from tax objects if received by domestic corporate taxpayer shareholders (“Domestic Corporate Taxpayer”) and the Company does not withhold income tax (“Income Tax”) on the Interim Dividend paid to taxpayers to the Domestic Corporate Taxpayer. The Interim Dividend received by domestic individual taxpayer shareholders (“Domestic Individual Taxpayer”) will be excluded from the tax objects as long as such dividend is invested within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. For Domestic Individual Taxpayer who do not comply with the investment conditions as mentioned above, the dividend received by the person concerned will be subject to Income Tax in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and such Income Tax must be paid by the Domestic Individual Taxpayer in accordance with the provisions of Government Regulation No. 9 Year 2021 regarding Tax Treatment to Support Ease of Doing Business.
    5. The Company’s shareholders can obtain dividend payment confirmation through Securities Company and or Custodian Bank where the relevant Company’s shareholders open its/his/her securities account, furthermore the Company’s shareholders are required to be responsible for reporting the receipt of such dividend in the relevant tax year in accordance with applicable tax laws and regulation.
    6. The Company’s shareholders who is a Foreign Taxpayer whose country has entered into the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (“P3B”) with Indonesia, may benefit from the tax withholding based on P3B if it/he/she complies with the Director General of Taxes Regulation No. PER-25/PJ/2018 regarding Procedures for the Application of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement, namely by submitting the evidence record document or receipt from the Directorate General Tax (DGT) or a Domicile Statement Letter that has been uploaded to the website of the Director General of Taxes to KSEI or the Securities Administration Bureau (PT Datindo Entrycom) with the submission deadline based on KSEI’s rules and regulations. Thus, without the documents as mentioned above, the Interim Dividend that has been paid to the Foreign Taxpayer will be subject to maximum rate of Income Tax Article 26, namely at of 20%.

Jakarta, 5 December 2022

PT Harum Energy Tbk.

Board of Directors