Information Disclosure on Share Buying Transaction

Feb 22, 2021
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PT Tanito Harum Nickel, one of the subsidiaries of PT Harum Energy Tbk. (“Company”) has subscribed on 19th February 2021, 259,603 new shares which is equivalent to 24.5% of the total shares issued by PT Infei Metal Industry (“PT IMI”), for a total consideration of USD 68,600,000. 

PT IMI is a limited liability company established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and engaged in the nickel refining activities (smelter).

The purpose of the transaction is to develop the Company’s nickel mining business into the higher value-added processing activities.

The share subscription transaction is funded through a syndicated loan facility comprising UOB Ltd, OCBC Ltd, DBS Bank Ltd and PT Bank BTPN Tbk.

There is no material impact from the above purchase of shares toward the operational activities, legal, financial condition or business continuity of the Company.