Our Commitment

The Company realizes that its existence as a business entity cannot be separated from the surrounding environment and social conditions. Therefore, the Company is committed to raising the standard of living of the communities surrounding the operational areas where the Company operates, this is also in line with one of the Company’s Missions.

CSR programs are developed through the Subsidiaries in cooperation with government institutions and communities. All CSR programs are prepared based on the objective to create a positive impact on the environment and social aspect as well as in line with the government programs in promoting community welfare.

CSR Vision and Mission


Grow together with the community and the surrounding environment.


  1. Gather aspirations from and participation of the communities to help encourage them to grow and develop according to their potential capabilities and local wisdom as well as to be competitive.
  2. Help prepare post-mining community independence by compiling sustainable Community Development and Empowerment programs that are in line with the community development programs implemented by the government.

Social Responsibility towards Social and Community Development

The Company contributes to the sustainability of community life through Community Development and Empowerment (CDE) programs implemented within and outside the scope of business areas. The Company also continuously strives to build good relations with the community in order to accommodate existing problems and aspirations.

The Company is guided by the policy of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 1824 K/30/MEM/2018 on Community Development and Empowerment (CDE) in Mineral and Coal Mining Business Activities in conducting its community activities.

Based on the Regulation of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 1824 K/30/MEM/2018, the 8 pillars of the Company’s CDE are as follows:

CDE Pillars