Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary is accountable in particular on the aspects of corporate disclosure and serves to consistently and continuously maintain good corporate image through effective management of communication programs directed to all stakeholders.

The Company is committed to consistently implementing the principles of transparency and accountability. Hence the Company always strives to provide the most accurate and comprehensive information to stakeholders, shareholders and general public through various media.

Currently, the Corporate Secretary is held by Priscilla Jane Halim, appointed by the Board of Directors on 1 October 2018.

Profile of Corporate Secretary:

Indonesian citizen, was born in Jakarta. She joined the Company in 2017. Previously, she had worked at Sampoerna Financial Group (2012-2017) with her last position as a Corporate Secretary. She gained bachelor of economic degree in 2010 from Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta.

The Board of Directors Resolution in regard with the appointment of the Corporate Secretary